The Expertise Incubator is a community of practice. We learn by doing. As a group, we face a series of 5 challenges, spending 3 months focusing on a challenge before moving on to the next.

The challenges produce both the substance and artifacts of economically valuable expertise. The substance is a fluid command of your area of expertise, a point of view you can comfortably articulate, proprietary research, and valuable intellectual property. The artifacts are a body of work, an audience that sees you as an authority, and talks or podcast guest appearances.

You do gain access to resources when you join this program: a Slack group which is the digital connective tissue of our community, and a small, rapidly-growing, extremely valuable corpus of knowledge and best practices organized in a private wiki.

But mostly, you gain access to a group of fellow practitioners--other amazing business owners--who have also embraced these 5 challenges. You also gain access to a powerful "skin in the game" effect from the relatively small financial commitment and the relatively large personal commitment you make to facing the 5 challenges at the core of this program.

The Expertise Incubator applies extremely productive pressure to each member. The expertise you cultivate in the 15 months of the program is diamond-like in its beauty and value.

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