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TEI 1-11: Urgent vs. Innovative

After publishing about 100 posts, you'll have to figure out what to do with the innovative ideas that are arising within you.

TEI 2-03: Your Question is EVERYTHING

This can make the difference between a successful research project, and an unsuccessful outcome

TEI 2-02: Research Ideation and Selection

The overall goal with your research project is to serve your clients by reducing uncertainty for them

TEI 2-01: Why research?

Elaborating on the second challenge: design and execute your research project

TEI 1-10: Meeting format and expectations

Some insight into what the weekly group meetings are going to be like

TEI 1-09: About those "Terminators"

I have a confession

TEI 1-08: What to do when you get stuck?

Audio on this one is a bit funky because of equipment issues :)

TEI 1-07: What should you publish about?

Some ideas for you to think about

TEI 1-06: The Fear Inventory

If you're going to take on the daily publication challenge, I have an assignment for you.

TEI 1-05 : Everything is an opportunity

A mindset to help you move into publishing daily

TEI 1-04: Examples of the form

Some lists you can subscribe to

TEI 1-03: What platform?

What platform should you use for daily publication? I discuss the ins and outs of that question and make a bold recommendation.

TEI 1-02: AMCP now TEI

Name change!

TEI 1-01: What it's about and who it's for

In this audio update, I dive into what the The Expertise Incubator is and who it is for.

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