TEI 1-09: About those "Terminators"

I have a confession


  • Here is the survey I mentioned in this episode (I forgot to mention in the audio that at the end of this survey I give respondents at 30% off coupon code for my books.)
  • Never seen The Terminator but, it'll work for an analogy
  • Segmentation and personalization are big in the marketing world. This can be a wonderful optimization, but if done prematurely it can be a real distraction.
  • That said, I think there is an "easy mode" that I've recently run across that I want to share with you now.
  • Terminators: 
    • On the hunt for your help. Their internal heads-up-display is scanning, seeking, and pattern-matching.
    • They are on an urgent mission.
    • It's worth letting these folks self-identify.
  • List opt-in 
    • It's an interesting, almost pregnant moment. Someone has said yes to hearing from you, and I've found they're surprisingly willing to say yes to a bit more, in the form of telling me more about themselves through a post opt-in survey.
    • Most email marketing platforms let you send folks anywhere you want after they successfully opt in, and so I send folks to a simple, dumb Google survey.
  • Using the survey to gather information from both less urgent and more urgent folks and turn that into a lead notification
  • Using in-email CTAs to connect with those who have recently become Terminators. 
    • After all, you're getting 3, 5, 7, or more opportunities each week to connect with these Terminators! You don't need to set up fancy automation to identify them when your contact with them is this frequent!

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